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The SHARE WESTMORELAND Regional Group is a group of school, academic, public, and special libraries who have joined together in order to share resources and information for the purpose of improving the quality and availability of library services to the residents of Westmoreland County. Although the regional group was organized in 1988 for inclusion in the ACCESS PENNSYLVANIA statewide library database, membership is not dependent upon such participation. All members participate in the county-wide Union List of Periodicals and in sharing their periodical resources.

Activities of the Regional Group

  • Resource sharing by way of interlibrary loan.

  • Resource sharing by transmission of periodical articles.

  • Group sharing for purchasing to reduce costs.

  • Sharing of solutions to individual library and regional group problems.

  • Providing necessary information to the statewide library database project.

  • Continuing education and seminars related to resource sharing needs.

  • Participating in co-operative collection development.

Questions or comments to Bill Scheeren or Matt Dancho